Volume 2

“The Whole Land of Israel” and the Halakhah

There has been much publicity in the press emanating from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to the effect that, according to the halakhah, it is forbidden to cede even a footstep of any part of the whole Land of Israel. What is the position of our Va'ad Halakhah?

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Conscription of Yeshivah Students into the Israel Defense Forces

Is service in Zahal today an obligation for every Jew in Israel, or may one engaged in sacred studies request an exemption in order to devote all his time to such studies? In the State of Israel today, despite our difficult security situation many, many thousands of young men and older men have done no military or paramilitary service whatever. The number increases from year to year. Among them are those who do not recognize the State, some who are newly religious, and others who recognize the State but feel themselves totally exempt on account of religious studies. The government permits and supports this arrangement. Our question: Does the halakhah justify this?

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Conscription of Women into the Israel Defense Forces

The number of girls who identify themselves as "religious" and thus do not serve in the army is increasing. Further, the opinions of rabbis are heard which state that not only is it not proper for girls to serve but that the halakhah forbids such service. What is the halakhah with reference to the service of girls in the Army of Israel?

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